It might get awkward…

Photography means throwing certain social protocols out the window in favor of satisfying one’s own competitive desire to get THE shot. I drove out to a very rural area, parked my car in front of a sign that said: “POSTED No Trespassing” and then I walked along some private property, around a fence and in a ditch next to the 40 mph road I came in on, cars whizzing by me while I carried my camera and tripod. That all didn’t matter at the time because I saw this old barn that I knew would make a terrific shot. You see, there is a certain “I don’t give a damn attitude” from pros and enthusiasts alike, but it doesn’t come from a socially awkward or devil-may-care attitude. It comes from living in our head while on the hunt. I am aware of my surroundings, hyper aware, including knowing wether or not I’m getting the stink eye from pointing my lens in someone’s general direction. The whole point of photography is catching a moment that may never occur again. But if anyone is being rude or unsafe while trying to get that shot, yell at them. Unless they’re paparazzi, they’ll stop.


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