Snapping Animals

Wow, that title sounds like it could be cruel how-to. Of course I’m talking about the fine art of taking pictures of animals. I have no idea how to do it properly, let me be clear, but when it works, regardless of how accidental, it can be a wonderfully beautiful image. I like landscape photography because barring a windy day it doesn’t move on you. People can get impatient if you don’t work with professionals. I can see you losing interest while I adjust my exposure, and so can the image sensor. It’s 16.2 megapixels of expression reading magic, so keep it stuck! Animals, don’t judge or lose patience because they don’t care, or even know what you are doing. That of course comes with it’s own set of problems: The propensity to move right at the moment of shutter release. The curiosity of that thing you have in your hands that should be licked to find out what it is. The immodesty that most cats possess. (You know what I mean). But if you are patient, and careful and focused you might be able to grab a gem. I have probably  several hundred frames of cat’s, dogs, horses, llamas, birds, etc. of which less than 10 are keepers. I do enjoy it though. It’s challenging but just as rewarding. Best tactic, wait until they are sleepy or or about to eat. This picture was a fluke of luck. My cat was feeling playful and I was just pointing the camera at him. He wound up by the bright window, stopped and looked at me head on just long enough for me to get one shot before he was off again.


One response

  1. The pic is quite sharp. Good Photography

    February 28, 2011 at 8:44 AM

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