Just Start Walking

Do you ever have lazy days where you just can’t get yourself motivated? Are inflating gas prices making you afraid to turn on your car? Does the idea of the sun hitting your skin make you nauseous? If it’s yes to all three, go see a doctor ’cause that last one could be a serious issue. But if you relate to just not having a way to get away, just step outside your door and keep on walking. You may find yourself inexplicably continuing. Studies have show walking to improve the mood and get the mind working by releasing serotonin. And, if you have your camera with you, this fresh awakening could just compel your eye to see simple things as extraordinary photo-ops. I did just that and was able to grab some pictures that I wouldn’t normally have. They’re nothing spectacular but it made me look differently and appreciate the beauty in the little things. It’s a cliche to be sure, but it beats sitting on the couch and watching award show recaps. This cactus was a scant half mile from home and I love how sharp it is. (In the photo)


One response

  1. great post, walking is very relaxing and I often find that a change of scenery (on walks) can help me when I’m low on creativity. Now that I’m taking the year to travel, I’ve enjoyed walking even more – it allows me to see the cities like locals would. Great photograph, hope to read more from you soon!

    March 1, 2011 at 10:08 AM

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