The Computer Is The Camera Too

Not to be confused with has a camera, although most do (including the new iPad!) Most photographers from the dabbling to the professional would not be pleased with the results of their work were it not for the ability to run their photos through some sort of editing software. Back in olden times where sepia tones filled the visual spectrum, darkroom processing was the final stage of creating your photograph. It was done mostly for just developing the original image but also for “manipulating” the image to achieve the best possible outcome of the photographer’s vision. The camera is what enables these photos to be captured, but we tell it to do a lot before we get the capture. Not so much nowadays but as we see a scene or an image in our mind we translate the desire to preserve it based on a set of numerous factors that the camera can’t capture either because of it’s limitations or the absence of those perceived nuances. That’s why I love the ability to continue the process of “photographing” my images in the computer. I’m still telling a very valuable piece of equipment how to “see” the shot. This goes to extremes, of course. Sometimes, it’s a simple question of contrast or brightness. Others, well…

I run all of my photos through a 15″ 2.53 GHz i5 Macbook Pro – My second camera and my other baby.


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