Backing Out…A Play On Words

So, I threw out my back rendering me useless to take any good pictures. (Your back was fine before. What was your excuse then?) Good one peanut gallery. Also, shut your mouth. I feel better today, but man, it was touchy for awhile. What’s worse, I’m not even 30 yet, so either I’m prematurely aging, or I’ve got some weird sleeping habits, like going for a drive in a strange car in the middle of the night, getting in a wreck, and walking home. So I took the opportunity to look at some of the older photos I had taken to see if there were any I could use to put on the blog. I found a few, but they displayed more of a post transformation quality difference then a stand-alone final image. I’m not big on showing how the sausage was made as some of the original photos are actually not that good. But then I thought, isn’t what I’m doing what it’s all about? Putting work out there to be critiqued so that I can continue to improve? I shouldn’t be shy about it. So here is a picture of a branch, before and after. Please, let me know what you think of the before vs. the after. Is it an improvement? Is it boring either way? Is there a simple profound beauty found in both that sparks your cingulate cortex to such olympian heights that complex tasks and advanced philosophy are rendered tonally mute to your newfound autodidactic abilities? Please share!  The bottom image is an HDR image of the above RAW image with some minor contrast, sharpen and level adjustments. 


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