Snap Judgment

So…looking to buy that camera now are we? Congrats! My decision was made after heavy thought about money spent vs ability possessed. When I realized I didn’t care if I wasn’t any good is when the monkey flew off my back and I really started enjoying photography. The decision to buy a particular camera is a whole other bag of fish. It’s like car shopping. You want something that fits your budget, personality, and needs and it doesn’t matter if you are just entering the world of photography or are a seasoned vet. The amount of choices out there and the shifting “newness” of the trends and features of the technology is hard to keep up with. I stumbled onto a site called which does a terrific job of showing detailed specs and comparison with other digital cameras in a very clean page. As far as consumer reporting sites go, this is a standard bearer. It’s easy to use, addictively informative, and very quick to respond to user comments about the site and it’s reviews. They do rankings based on curves from top cameras established through lab tests which sound complicated and pedantic but I got to see what worked for me in a few minutes that a few days of searching on other sites didn’t yield. I thought I was buying the ubiquitous Canon T2i but found out that I could have a D7000 with better ISO noise reduction, longer battery, and faster shutter speeds, etc. (for almost twice as much). But it was worth it to me because without a real tool to compare these important features, everything appears in shades of gray. I recommend you stop by this site first before you go buy a camera.

The compare feature is where the site really shines, but there are also sorts by new cameras, brands, and price points which is great for realistically narrowing your search. That said, searching is a bit of a walk sometimes if you’re looking for something specialized. If I’m looking for a point and shoot that does great macro for instance, I can’t type in “Digicam Macro” and get any result. I can find it in the site’s prolific list of features and get a direct hit after scrolling through but it seems like a few extra steps. Also, I would love a feature that had actual shot comparisons. Sometimes the proof is in the pudding and if there was a comprehensive image gallery, a lot of consumer worries could be put to ease by looking at the actual noise of a photo or what the in-camera HDR really looks like.

Full disclosure: This post was inspired by Snapsort to win a camera. However, I have no reservations about endorsing this site for a chance at winning something because I really love the site. I geek out on it on a regular basis so it was fortunate for me that I didn’t have to make a moral concession.


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