The Point At Which To Embark…

Or the Embarcadero, as the San Franciscans call it… I guess everyone calls it that. Anyway, it’s the main marine port of commuters and tourists alike with the Ferry Building acting as berth and landmark for the bustling area. It’s also one of the most convenient places to grab a really tasty bite in the city. Stalls line the Ferry Building making it a veritable market for a wide range of appetites from Chinese, pastries, and the un-kosher but very delicious Boccolone which serves nothing but “Tasty, Salted, Pig, Parts”, to farmers market offerings and specialty boutique shops that, respectively, sell only amazing cheese, oysters, and bread. Aaaand I’ve just made myself hungry again. The downside? They don’t allow tripods to be set up inside. Lucky I got this shot seconds before I was told to pack it up. Seriously though. Was there a tripod war I never learned about? Is War of the Worlds to blame? If you ever make it to San Francisco, touristy or not, get here.


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